I really really really miss Gallifrey. I mean, my day isn’t complete without Narvin snarking at Brax and Romana being magnificent all over everything. 

ladyromanadvoratrelundar said: Oh I did manage to find that one! I was actually referring to the other wallpaper which has Gallifrey written on it. But this one’s really pretty as well.

Oh you want this one? :D Here you go. Sorry, I haven’t ever uploaded this anywhere, but here you go :) Link I’m glad you like it!


"who were you talking to?"

"no one………. I was singing!"

turlough is fucking amazing


We had months to prepare ourselves for the finale of Gallifrey but it wasn’t enough. Gallifrey VI was such a fantastically well written and produced conclusion to an amazing series.

So this is my contribution to the fantastic fandom and my tribute to the writers; Scott Handcock, James Goss, Justin Richards, the Director; Gary Russell, and the breathtakingly awesome Cast; Lalla Ward, Louise Jameson, Sean Carlsen, John Leeson, Juliet Landau, Nick Briggs and the score of other amazing people involved over the years.

If you are a Doctor Who fan and you haven’t listened to the Big Finish Audio series ‘Gallifrey’, drop everything and do it now, its worth it. http://www.bigfinish.com/ranges/released/gallifrey

Please feel free to use and enjoy the background, just if you do. Please download it his HQ awesomeness from source. Thanks!


Thank you to romana-rose and abusivearts for letting me use the background image.


Thank you to romana-rose and abusivearts for letting me use the background image.

ladyromanadvoratrelundar said: The link doesn’t seem to be working :( But wow you made it yourself, that’s brilliant!

I don’t understand why its not working, unless proxy blocks t-lorie.deviantArt.com? Here’s a straight link to it on DeviantArt. I’ll reblog my original tumblr post… Sorry for the fuss :(

ladyromanadvoratrelundar said: Wow that wallpaper on your macbook is amazing! Where did you find that? (or did you make it?) And can I have it haha.

I’m really glad you like it! Yes, I made it just after Gallifrey VI came out, and you’re welcome to use it! :) You can download the high res version from the deviantArt here


a collection of overly dramatic master moments.
(none of the gifs are mine, credit goes to doctorwhogifs, botanyandsarcasm and aprilcarryon)

I may be going through Gallifrey withdrawal.

I may be going through Gallifrey withdrawal.


You haven’t failed, Seven. You’ve exceeded my expectations. You’ve become an individual, an extraordinary individual. 

janeway and seven + quotes